We are at risk of just moving our brick and mortar classrooms to the “metaverse”. To create truly transformative experiences we must go much deeper - with old or new technology.
Learner motivation is a missing piece in a lot of our discussions around learning. A study of game design offers a 5 part framework for creating better…
An optimistic view on how generative AI will transform education by creating “lower floors and higher ceilings”.
Getting children to embrace the rich tapestery of Arabics is key to promoting literacy and reading among children in all varities of Arabic - especially…
The story of Mathigon - a playground for mathematics - shows the power of building from first principles and putting pedagogy first with a team of…
An interview with Bror Saxberg on the need for a different approach to improving learning
Changemakers across the region are using education to create a better future for MENA's inhabitants
A lot of what passes for "innovation" in edtech does not go far enough, because it is not grounded in first principles of the learning sciences
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